Attraction games at the beach

Aug 16, 2023

(All names given are related to imaginary people)

Romeo and Nora had just sat down for lunch.

They had chosen a small cafe near the beach, convenient and inexpensive.

As soon as they were ready to order, a small group of young men, all in their 20s, sat down behind them.

It did not take long for them to notice Nora, a beautiful brunette with full lips.

The bikini she wore highlighted a full third of her breasts and a soft, round ass.

When Nora got up to go to the bathroom, all eyes were on her.

She was moving that little ass, making it undulate almost hypnotically, a real little slut.

She knew she was being watched and she liked it, so, slightly raising her leopard-print sunglasses with her hand, she turned toward the small group with an intended and defiant look.

Meanwhile, the husband Romeo, enjoyed the plate of spaghetti unaware that, behind his back, betting had begun on who first would manage to fuck the pretty little wifey.

To be continued...