The wife and the captain (part 1)

Aug 10, 2023

(All names given are related to imaginary people)

That morning Charles and his wife had decided to relax themselves with a boat trip under the guidance of Ramon, the ship's captain.

The boat was on two floors, old but spacious it had a nice bow where to relax.

On the upper floor, immediately behind the ship's helm, there was a cool lounging area.

The company left in the morning, and after a short tour of the local attractions, the time for rest came.

The wind of the sea and sunshine had always relaxed Charles and by early afternoon he was already snoring.

On the other hand his wife laughed and flirted with Ramon.

The captain, with his playboy manner, was explaining to her the ancient secrets of navigation never missing an opportunity to compliment her stunning physique.

Despite her 42 years of age, Carlo's wife had always kept herself in shape, her thong bikini highlighted a round and toned ass, and her fourth breast complemented a simply spacey body.

Ramon knew that someone like that, uninhibited in showing that breezy ass and with those cat moves, could only be a great slut.

So under the guise of showing how to grip the rudder well, the captain took positioning himself behind her, making the wifey feel his cock in the middle of her buttocks.

Carlo's wife laughed with amusement each time, even when Ramon, getting bolder and bolder, touched her ass laughing and waving the horns sign toward Carlo who, in the meantime, was sleeping blissfully.

It almost seemed like an innocent game of small contacts, laughter and jokes.

At one point Charles' wife also decided to take an active part in this innocent little game.

When the captain positioned himself behind her, she continued to hold the helm with one hand while, with the other one, she went in search of Ramon's cock left, up to that point, under the pants.

She always rubbed it briefly and lightly, but this was enough to excite them both more and more.

To be contined...